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Resistance training for improving strength, endurance, balance, and coordination is more in demand than ever. More and more people are turning to exercise bands, tubes, and Co. for sustained, low-impact body workouts. As the global leader in progressive and elastic-resistance exercise products, Thera-Band serves that exact need for alternative workout methods. Thera-Band relies on continuous dialogue with experts from science, research, and sports in the development of its products in order to meet both its own demand for innovation and progressiveness and the high expectations of its customers. At our shop, you will find a great range of Thera-Band products for your individual needs.
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Thera-Band fitness equipment allows versatile use for a comprehensive workout

Thanks to their versatility, Thera-Band products have a firm place among private users and in countless fitness studios, therapy practices, and rehab centres. Therefore, the Thera-Band exercise band offers numerous options, for example, for improving strength endurance and muscle building as part of preventive strength training. With targeted exercises, that can be used to strengthen the upper and lower extremities or the back and abs, so to speak. Children's exercises such as skipping or tightrope walking can also be easily performed with a Thera-Band. For better relaxation and recovery of muscle groups, Thera-Band also offers a variety of massage tools such as foam rollers.

Sharing scientific progress with the world - the Thera-Band Academy

To cement its top position as a trendsetter in the field of resistance training, Thera-Band launched the Thera-Band Academy in 1999. That academy serves as a profound point of contact for people who want to specifically share research, education, training, and their own experiences in the field. That is where in-depth knowledge from experts around the world comes together. In addition, the Thera-Band Academy aims to support international research and training projects.
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