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Springfree sortimentet tilbyder et stort udvalg af kvalitets træningsudstyr og førsteklasses tilbehør. Her kan du se oversigten over hele Springfree Trampoliner sortimentet: læs mere
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Springfree sortimentet tilbyder et stort udvalg af kvalitets træningsudstyr og førsteklasses tilbehør. Her kan du se oversigten over hele Springfree Trampoliner sortimentet:

Springfree Trampoline: the trampoline without springs

A trampoline without springs? Something that would seem improbable has been done by Springfree. Instead of springs, the manufacturer uses flexible fibreglass rods. The patented spring-less design is just one from many components that makes the revolutionary Springfree trampoline so unique.

Springfree has changed the principle in which conventional trampolines function, in order to make trampolines safer. Every detail is constructed to remove potential sources of danger out of the way, such as hard components in the jumping area, sources to catch upon or material weaknesses. A Springfree trampoline is maximum enjoyment combine with maximum safety in a cool design. A trampoline for children and adults alike.

Springfree Trampoline – most probably the safest trampoline in the world

From the idea to minimise all potential sources of danger of a trampoline, the new and especially secure construction of the Springfree trampoline was created. There are no places to get caught upon or hard components in the jumping area which could lead to injuries. Not only does a Springfree trampoline fulfil the safety standards, it brings it to a whole new level. The trampoline is 100% weather resistant and can be left outside the whole year long. Yes, even in the snow.

Fiberglass rods instead of springs

Springfree replaces springs for fibreglass rods that connect the jumping mat with the under-lying frame. They are placed outside of the jumping area and makes the jumping mat looks like it’s hovering. The fibreglass rods absorb the energy and provide a secure jumping experience. Through this construction the thick protective ring is absent, making the trampoline minimalistic and an eye-catcher in your garden.

An extra stable frame under the jumping area

Even the steel framing is a new design. It’s been positioned wide underneath the jumping mat, so that it’s impossible to come into contact with. The safety buffer of 45cm between the jumping mat and steel frame makes it impossible, even during intense usage, to come into contact with. The steel piping of the frame is, not only, extremely stable but also double coated and inside is sealed with wax. Rust and corrosion don’t stand a chance!

The jumping mat: soft and completely UV resistant

The jumping mat, made out of a soft and good elastic Polypropylene, cushions extremely comfortably when landing. The jumping mat separates itself form other conventional mats, in that it is completely UV-resistant. With many models the jumping mat itself is also UV-resistant but not the threading, which through time and usage would tear. Springfree trampolines cover the thread with a special UV-resistant band, protecting the thread from the sun and wear and tear. A thin, soft and gap-less SoftEdge leaves no space for slipping through as it’s connected with the finely meshed FlexiNet safety net.

FlexiNet: the cushioning safety net

An extra plus for safety is the cushioning and also UV-resistant FlexiNet safety net. Not only is it easy to hang on the outwards curved poles but also especially flexible. The safety net catches wild jumps softly and re-directs you back onto the jumping area. Instead of hard steel poles, the net is fixed on flexible outwards curved rods. These bend with the energy of someone jumping into them and prevent injuries from occurring. The mesh of the netting is also very fine so that climbing or getting fingers/toes caught is not possible.

An overview of the Springfree Trampoline range

Classic round, oval or square. Regardless of landscape or space in your garden, Springfree offers its innovative trampoline in three different forms and each in two different sizes:

  • S113 Large Square, 3.40m x 3.40m
  • S155 Jumbo Square, 4m x 4m

Clever accessories for the Springfree Trampoline

Upgrade your Springfree Trampoline! To compliment the springless trampoline, Springfree also offers meaningful accessories. These are also designed after the trampoline meaning it’s made from flexible materials without hard edges. Change the jumping area with the FlexrHoop Basketball Hoop into a mini Slamball court! With the FlexrStep Ladder Children can get onto and off of the trampoline safely. Also available are the Ground anchors for additional safety during windy conditions. As well as the Transport Wheels, for when the trampoline needs to be regularly moved when, for example, the grass needs to be mowed or just moved to another location in the garden.
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