Shock Doctor

Hardcore Protection – Fearless Performance
Shock Doctor is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sports protection equipment of exceptional quality for tough sports like boxing, American football, or motocross. The perfectly fitting mouth guard prostheses in casual design are the undisputed the No. 1 for athletes who demand the highest performance and best protection in contact sports. Protective equipment from the American manufacturer keeps you in the game longer when the going gets tough in sports. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, Shock Doctor protective equipment is made for any level of protection that your passion for sports requires. At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you will find a select range of Shock Doctor mouth guard prostheses and accessories that goes exactly with your sport.
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More bite with Shock Doctor technology

Protection comes first – since the first patent on the Shock Doctor mouth guard in 1992, the company of sports fans has never stopped optimising the mouth guard technology and combining it with an innovative design. Today, many patents and several years of experience and expertise later, Shock Doctor can boast an extensive range of mouth guard prostheses. The company name stands for the technology behind every Shock Doctor product: shock absorption. The protective equipment is characterised by the special multi-layer technology, comfortable gel frames, a flat profile, and light weight. As a result, the Shock Doctor mouth guard adapts perfectly to the bite, protects the teeth from direct impacts, and stabilises the jaw without strongly influencing breathing and speaking – for maximum wearing comfort during sports.

The Shock Doctor evolution: over 20 years of protection without compromise

The Shock Doctor success story began in 1993, when EZ Guard Industries sold the first mouth guard for $20. The company rethought, redefined, and optimised conventional protective equipment, which was deficient in many respects. After years of research and a lot of product tests, Shock Doctor finally launched the revolutionary Gel Max mouth guard in 2002, securing a firm place among the leading manufacturers of technologically sophisticated protective equipment. Since its founding, the dynamic company has consistently been working on innovative products such as a brace-compatible mouth guard, the Nano 3D mouth guard (Shock Doctor's smallest and lightest mouth guard), or the MicroFit gum shield (the narrowest mouth guard with a particularly flat profile). Today, the world's best and most fearless athletes rely on Shock Doctor to take peak athletic performance and optimal protection to the highest level.
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