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With RockTape, we carry the global market leader of products in the segment of kinesiology taping in our range. RockTape looks back on extensive and long-standing experience in top-class sports. Based on that, RockTape develops high-quality kinesiology products that have become an important part of numerous professional and recreational athletes to speed up their physical recovery or prevent injuries. With the conviction that the optimal interaction of mobility, movement, and stability is the prerequisite for a better recovery, RockTape's concepts have been helping athletes of every performance level to become even more successful in the pursuit of their passion.
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RockTape fitness equipment: the best quality and functionality for different requirements

To ensure the effectiveness of its tape even under intense stress and regular use, RockTape sets high quality standards for the elasticity, adhesive properties, and skin-friendliness of its products. The kinesiology tape can be worn for days without coming off. Even sweating during sports or showering afterwards do not challenge kinesiology tape by RocketTape in terms of reliability and comfort. RockBalls massage balls and RockN Roller fascia rollers by RockTape are, thanks to their nature, ideal tools for covering a wide range of pain treatment and massage.

Increase performance with kinesiology tape by RockTapes

Kinesiology taping is said to have positive properties such as promoting blood circulation and improving the healing process of bruises or oedemas. Whether in team sports like football, basketball, and volleyball or individual sports like tennis and badminton, RockTape kinesiology tape has found its way into almost every sports sector for the treatment of shoulders, knees, or backs. Taking into account the course of muscle fascias and the interaction between tape and skin receptors, movement information is transmitted to the athlete, leading to better movement patterns. To ensure that functionality, the tape material must meet certain requirements. The core idea of material development at RockTape is to develop tape that achieves the desired effect mechanisms in the best possible way and also withstands the high stresses of top-class sports.

RockTape fitness equipment: fitness excellence from Bavaria

RockTape is part of Transatlantic Fitness GmbH, based in Gräfeling, Bavaria. Founded in 2009, Transatlantic Fitness quickly became a leading supplier of sports equipment in the kinesiology and functional areas. In 2014, the company portfolio was expanded to include the FUNS Training Tower brands for the functional training sector. The same year also saw the beginning of RockTape's worldwide success story as today's global market leader in sports tape. Transatlantic Fitness is also dedicated to providing comprehensive training for fitness instructors. Each year, a team of more than 30 instructors produces more than 2,000 new trainers who put into practice RockTape's desire to literally get people moving more and better.
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