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To offer the most advanced fight wear for fitness boxing and MMA: That is the aspiration of Hayabusa. With its unbridled passion for boxing and commitment to absolute perfection, the newcomer has secured a firm place for itself on the boxing market in terms of quality and progressiveness within a very short time. As one of the world's best MMA brands, Hayabusa is the new standard in high-quality boxing equipment. Hayabusa equipment serves one purpose alone: to maximise the athlete's performance. Perfection is the key to success, and Hayabusa has the right equipment for it.
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In the product range of Hayabusa, you will find, in addition to a premium punching bag made of durable leather, the right equipment for maximum protection during boxing training. Whether beginners, recreational athletes, or demanding boxers. Hayabusa boxing gloves convince users with their optimal cushioning and perfect fit. A jockstrap and elastic boxing wraps smartly round off the range of boxing equipment. Buy Hayabusa boxing equipment at Sport-Tiedje, Europe's No. 1 for home fitness!

Hayabusa: Japanese tradition and commitment to the highest quality

Deeply rooted in Japanese tradition, the martial arts philosophy of honour, respect, and tradition influences the design and construction of all Hayabusa products. 'Hayabusa' is the Japanese term for peregrine falcon. Known for its speed, strength, and endurance, the falcon possesses the same qualities as an avid martial artist. So it is only understandable that top fighters worldwide put their trust in Hayabusa for boxing equipment.
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