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Flowin is an innovative exercise device that was invented in Sweden in 2006 and has since enriched the sports field with effective workout methods for the whole body. Developed over years of collaboration with world-class athletes and experts in science and research, Flowin, along with its associated training concept of 'friction training', has gained more and more enthusiastic followers in the global fitness community. Numerous exercises on the Flowin mat provide an effective and dynamic workout for all ages and a lot of training environments. Whether together in a training group, alone at home, or at the fitness studio – a workout with the Flowin training platform can be performed almost anywhere due to its compact format and high level of mobility. Moreover, it can easily be adapted to any fitness level and need. Strengthen the body specifically in its entirety, when and where you want: with the Flowin exercise mat. Now at our Sport-Tiedje fitness shop.
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Flowin and friction training for an effective total-body workout

Friction training with Flowin is a true all-rounder when it comes to strengthening your body holistically and in its underlying structure. Using only your own body weight, you optimally train even areas of the deep-lying muscles, among other things, that are difficult to reach with conventional strength and endurance training. In addition to strength and endurance, friction training can also contribute to a significant improvement in stability, dynamics, balance, and flexibility. Since it is also particularly effective in prevention and rehabilitation, friction training is increasingly being used at physiotherapy practices or performance centres. That training method relies on friction as training resistance, which is created during performances between the platform and the corresponding supports for feet, hands, and knees. The workout is controlled by the interplay of force application and movement.

Flowin exercise mat: quality and diversity of use combined

For private use, the Flowin friction sport training set is particularly suitable. For frequent or professional use, sports enthusiasts or experts from the fitness and therapy sector should opt for a platform from the Flowin Pro series. All exercise mats including matching supports from Flowin convince users with high quality, comfort, durability, and an attractive design. Matching exercise DVDs from Flowin provide you with accurate friction training instructions to help you get the most out of your friction training in terms of performance.
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