Flexvit: the revolution of fitness bands

Behind the Flexvit brand are high-quality bands for holistic, functional fitness training. The company has rethought the classic rubber fitness band and optimised it in terms of material, design, and handling. The Flexvit bands are made of a completely new material / textile rubber that is not only skin-friendly and comfortable to wear but also extremely sturdy and durable. The bands are also washable and set new standards in hygiene and allergy risk. Flexvit hit the bull's eye with the idea of revolutionising the fitness band: the bands are used by top athletes and clubs worldwide.
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Fit with Flexvit – for all demands and performance requirements

Functional band training does not only train individual muscles in isolation but entire muscle chains and complex motion sequences. Flexvit bands can be used to train all components of functional fitness: strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and stability. Four different types of bands – Mini, Multi, Resist, and Revolve – are available to make exercises easier or more intense. The range of application extends from sport-specific athletic training and targeted muscle building to rehab training in which movements are performed with gentle loads. The lightweight fitness bands can easily be transported and used virtually anywhere as a practical and effective workout utensil.
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