Flexi-Sports offers fitness fans and health-conscious people an innovative range of effective and helpful fitness items for balanced and sustainable functional training. There, the offer ranges from fitness equipment such as Swingsticks for targeted strengthening, e.g., of the deep-lying muscles, to informative DVDs as ideal support for personal workouts. With its in-depth knowledge of fitness, therapy, and rehabilitation and its great passion for sports and exercise, Flexi-Sports has become a globally popular brand in the field of functional fitness. At our Flexi-Sports shop, you will find a range of high-quality Flexi-Sports products tailored to your needs.
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With a Flexi-Bar Swingstick, you give your whole body an ideal workout

With the innovative Flexi-Bar Swingstick, you effectively strengthen a variety of muscle groups that are difficult to reach. With targeted training of the deep-lying muscles, e.g., in the back area, you can prevent or alleviate back pain. Spinal problems can also be ideally addressed with a Flexi-Bar. Furthermore, working out with a Flexi-Bar ensures a high metabolism and calorie consumption. In proportion, even greater burn rates are possible there than with running or cycling. As products with uncompromising quality, Flexi-Bar Swingsticks convince users with exceptionally high sturdiness for long-term functional training. That makes them popular with athletes of every level of performance and experience in fitness.

Flexi-Sports: the company behind the innovation

Flexi-Sports GmbH was founded in 2002 with the goal of supporting people in their need for better health, a higher level of fitness, and strengthened well-being. Flexi-Sports products have always been manufactured with biomechanical and health-oriented aspects in mind and have been subjected to the most stringent tests in terms of quality and user-friendliness. The company's headquarters are in Munich. Always in pace with the times, Flexi-Sports closely observes and analyses all relevant developments on the fitness market and follows current trends in order to take the first step towards the next innovation today rather than tomorrow. That pursuit of the optimum opened the doors for Flexi-Sports in the highly competitive fitness market. Whether in private households, physiotherapy practices, professional sports clubs, rehab centres, or fitness studios, Flexi-Sports's high-class products have found their way into more than 25 countries and have made an important contribution to making functional training popular around the world.
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