diPulse: the age of smarter tech wear has begun

It was only a matter of time before sophisticated technology would be integrated into textiles, turning them into smart clothing. diPulse from Sweden is at the forefront of development in the field of EMS/NMES and was directly awarded the ISPO Award for its products presented for the first time at ISPO 2019. The textiles based on the high-end material ROICA are not only extremely resistant, stretchable, and breathable; they also allow for the direct integration of ultra-thin carbon fibre contacts and bridges made of nanotubes. Connected to smart stims, a smartphone, and the diPulse app, the user gets entirely new electro-stimulation options of unprecedented quality and effectiveness. But that is far from all, as the application options now reach many other areas. Let us surprise you, just as diPulse has surprised and convinced us!
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diPulse NMES

The diPulse 4th generation EMS (NMES) smart devices offer an unprecedented level of stimulation through high-end textiles and a particularly sophisticated app use. The nanotube contact surfaces seamlessly integrated into all textile products are state of the art and quickly make adhesive electrodes a thing of the past. All textiles are washable and guarantee use during workouts thanks to the strong magnetic fasteners. The particularly effective combined muscle training CMT™ (similar to functional fitness known from studios) offers you, completely safely and intuitively in terms of use, quick results without any fear of muscular or neuronal overload. Available for iOS and Android, the free app not only lets you control the diPulse system's smart devices but in future will also provide access to virtual training groups, competitions, and instructions. EMS was yesterday – diPulse NMES is a completely new dimension of electro-muscular stimulation.
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