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BOSU is a successful manufacturer of innovative fitness equipment to specifically train balance, strength, and stability of the body. Well-known products from the high-quality range of BOSU are the BOSU Balance Trainer Pro or the BOSU Ballast Ball, which are used by people of all ages and sports experience to equip their bodies for everyday challenges. Optimally suited for mobile and stationary use, BOSU products are not only extremely effective but also offer plenty of fun and variety during workouts. BOSU Balance Trainer Pro and BOSU Ballast Ball – your perfect training partner for a holistic workout. Order now from us at the Sport-Tiedje shop at a low price.
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BOSU fitness equipment stands for fun and effectiveness in fitness training

Exercising with BOSU fitness equipment combines the joy of a workout with pronounced efficiency and sustainability. Through regular use of the BOSU Balance Trainer, users of all ages can specifically train and optimise everyday movements. The principle behind it is as simple as it is effective: the unstable surface of the BOSU Balance Trainer ensures that a variety of stimuli are set during the exercise, such as for improving the quality of movement, coordination, or better posture. In addition to efficient balance and coordination training, the Balance Trainer is also ideal for use in cardio workouts and core and abdominal muscle training.

The BOSU Ballast Ball offers a revolutionary gymnastics workout. As an exercise and sitting ball and fitness device in one, the BOSU Ballast Ball turns into a real all-rounder for a variety of exercises for coordination, strength, and stabilisation. Thanks to its movable 1.5 kg granulate filling, the BOSU Ballast Ball always remains stable during performances and offers special workout comfort.

BOSU fitness equipment: from insider tip to sought-after training partner

BOSU stands for "Both Sides Utilised". Developed in the United States, the BOSU Balance Trainer was long considered an insider tip among fans and experts of sports and fitness. As the official training device of the US ski team, the Balance Trainer gradually became respectable. Today, BOSU's innovative balance trainer has become a popular fitness device for a health-focused and preventive workout in numerous fitness studios, therapy facilities, and private households.
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