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Model 2020

Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio

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Produktdetaljer: Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio

  • Model 2020 info
  • Innovative WLAN scale and multi-functional health tracker for supporting your personal health management
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • Measuring your heart health and analysing your body composition - quick, easy, precise, reliable
  • Track your trends and progress anywhere and at any time - on your smartphone / tablet
  • Nokia Health Mate App for iOS or Android as well as more than 100 compatible Apps and services
  • Easy installing and uploading
  • Compatible with other health and fitness Apps (i. e., Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, LoseIt!, WeightWatcher, etc.)
  • Technical specifications:
    • Scale: sturdy platform made of aluminium and heat-treated hardglass with the ability to provide precise measuring values on any floor, dimensions: 327 x 325 x 18 mm
    • Power supply: rechargeable Lithium-ions battery, average battery lifetime: up to one year
    • Memory: saves up to 116 measuring, when a wireless synchronisation of the scale is not possible (otherwise unlimited online storage)
    • Software requirements: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 8 or more current version, Android device 2.3.3 or higherr, Nokia Internet-Dashboard
    • Display: big, eye-friendly, and graphic display (6 x 4 cm, 128 x 64 pixels)
    • Wireless synchronisation: WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, compatible with WEP/WPA/WPA2-network, Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth Smart Ready)
  • Range of functions:
    • Very precise, detailed body fitness analysis with patented Position Control technology: weight (5-180 kg, graduation: 100 g), body fat and water percentage (in percent), bone mass (in percent), muscle mass (in kg), BMI
    • Measuring of heart rate (beats per minute): for monitoring and analysing your heart health
    • Measuring of pulse wave speed (in m/s): for controling the arterial blood circulation (provides information about hypertension and arterial stiffness), here several measurings one after the other are required
    • Weather of the day: You get a daily, local weather report with indication of the average daily temperature
    • Nutrition journal
    • Activity report: when you use a Nokia motion sensor or the recording function of the Health Mate-App, the number of steps of the previous day is indicated
    • For several users: automated identification, for up to eight users
    • Automated synchronisation with your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and WiFi: after each weighing, your data are automatically transmitted to the Health Mate-App and are synchronised with your personal account
  • Scope of deliverymfang:
    • Body Cardio scale
    • USB cable
    • Quick start guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Available colours: black, white

Produktbeskrivelse: Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio

It's a nice feeling to know oneself: Nokia Body Cardio

Nokia stands for smart products, which improve your daily wellbeing and strengthen your health in the long term. With Nokia you understand how your body works and what it responds to. You live consciously. Like with the smart Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio! The high-quality Nokia Body Cardio is a premium body analysis scale, which keeps its promisses. You get a detailed insight into your inner health and a networked health coach, which is your permanent companion. Using the Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio, you can control your lifestyle up to now, cause a change if required, and provide a healthy environment!

Nokia Body Cardio: Wide-range WLAN health scale - Get in shape and strengthen your heart!

The Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio is the first online scale in the world, which - medically approved, informs about your heart health! During each weighing, your heart rate and pulse wave speed are measured via the feet. The heart rate is an indicator for the general fitness. The pulse wave speed is a measurement parameter for evaluating your heart health. It measures the flowing speed of the blood, which is an indicator for hypertension, missing arterial elasticity as well as the health of the cardiovascular system. The Nokia body analysis scale is able to analysie your heart health and sensitize you regarding possible risks. In addition to the determination of your heart health, the Nokia Body Cardio offers a detailed body fitness analysis with further, several health functions: Thanks to the patented Position Control technology, a very precise measuring of the weight (5 - 180 kg), of the whole body fat and water percentage as well as of bone and muscle mass (BIA - Bioelectric impedance analysis) is done. The Position Control technology indicates, when you do not stand upright. By means of your weight and your height, the BMI is calculated.

Tip: Please pay attention that the body composition is subject to daily variation. Measure your values several times and regularly under the same conditions and increase the validity of the measured results.

When the Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio is connected via WLAN or Bluetooth with your smartphone, you get to know what you should wear today while weighing. On the big, eye-friendly display ( 6 x 4 cm), the weight is indicated as well as the expected average temperature of the day. When you do your weighing in the evening, you get to know what the weather will be the next day. In combination with further smart Nokia products, i. e., the Nokia motion sensor or the recording function of the Health Mate-App, you get an activity report on the basis of the number of steps of the previous day.

The health coach for the whole family: linked and enormously user-friendly

The Nokia scale is equipped with a Bluetooth interface, by which the scale can be easily installed on your iOS or Android device for future communication. After each weighing, the scale uploads automatically your data and synchronises these via the WLAN or Bluetooth connection. Download the Nokia Health Mate-App (iOS and Android) for free and benefit from a health coach, which is anywhere and always available - there is hardly any other personal coach who can do it. Using the App, you can always call your data and be supported in achieving your targets anywhere. The Health Mate-App offers a direct insight into a weight process as well as the development of the whole physical fitness and features an integrated nutrition journal.
The Nokia Body Cardio offers you to create user profiles in a few stetps and to make the scale accessible for every single family member. Up to eight users are possible. Once the scale has recorded the weight, it recognises automatically which family member it is and synchronises the data with the correct account.

One thing is for sure - with the Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio a new age of personal scales has begun!

Garantibetingelser: Nokia body analysis scale Body Cardio

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Læs, hvad andre kunder mener:

dk fra Disappointed customer den 4.5.2018 1
Nokia removed the most unique selling function, pulse wave velosity. This needs to be updated in the product description above. A huge drop of value and loss of confidence in Nokia right there.
de fra Hase den 30.5.2020 5
Wieder unter dem Namen Withings statt Nokia am Markt zurück. Die Pulswellengeschwindigkeit (quasi Blutdruck) wird wieder gemessen. Nutze jeden Morgen. Auch habe zusätzlich den Fiebermesser erworben für Corona.
se fra Anonym den 10.2.2018 3
Vågen ger väldigt olika värden på pulsen, i övrigt så fungerar den. Helt plötsligt så har Nokia valt att ta bort funktionen för mätning av blodflödeshastighet. Frågan är vilken funktion de tar bort här näst. Detta är tydligen en risk man får ta som konsument om man köper IoT prylar.
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