Strong – Smart – Beautiful
Strong – Smart – Beautiful – at Matrix Fitness, the name says it all. Matrix fitness equipment perfectly combines exceptional quality, intelligent functionality, and attractive design. In developing its product range, which includes high-quality cross-trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, and ergometers, among other, Matrix raises its own bar every time in order to make its excellent products even better. That high demand in itself has made Matrix one of the leading and fastest growing brands in commercial fitness equipment. Matrix products are extremely popular with leading fitness studios around the world thanks to their exceptionally long service life and intuitive console operation. The high return on investment and the desire to offer only the best to its customers are just some of the reasons why so many suppliers in the commercial fitness sector choose a device by Matrix.
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Matrix fitness: setting new standards with innovative concepts

From the first device to leave Matrix's production facilities to today's product range, Matrix has been playing off all its innovation, technological mastery, and expertise in sports and fitness. Working closely with its exclusive partners in the fitness industry, the Matrix team of talented developers and fitness enthusiasts continues to develop new concepts that set standards. Focusing all its work on the needs of people, Matrix develops fitness equipment for a wide group of users. Regardless of age, experience, and training level, anyone can turn their desire for better fitness or greater well-being for body and mind into a reality with a fitness device by Matrix. A workout on the cross-trainer that is easy on the joints, a fitness-boosting session on the treadmill, an effective total-body workout on the rowing machine – Matrix's extensive high-class product range offers all that and much more. Awarded many times for the technical innovation and aesthetics of its products, Matrix is today an indispensable part of the professional fitness sector.

Matrix fitness equipment: part of a globally successful family of brands

A premium brand for fitness studios, hotels, and cruise ships, Matrix is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech. Ltd, which also includes the renowned manufacturers Vision Fitness and Horizon Fitness. Johnson Health Tech. has been developing fitness equipment in demand around the world for both commercial and private use since its founding in 1975. Meanwhile, Johnson Health Tech. sells its products in over 60 countries. Certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 quality management standards and with over 20 international offices, Johnson Health Tech. has become one of the leading suppliers on the global fitness equipment market.
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