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Ultimate is the well-known manufacturer of the globally popular Ultimate Sandbags. Ultimate Sandbags are used by recreational athletes, professionals, and fitness and health facilities. A workout with Ultimate Sandbags is extremely effective and sustainable and also brings plenty of fun and variety into your daily training routine. Whether you want to improve your strength, stability, mobility, or dynamics, an Ultimate Sandbag is the ideal training device for any age group and any level of performance to strengthen your health and increase your own well-being in the long term. You, too, can benefit from the high effectiveness of a Sandbag from Ultimate – here with us at the Sport-Tiedje shop.
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    Ultimates sandsække tilføjer variation til din styrketræning! Takket være de mange grebsmuligheder og sandsækkens karakter kan du gennemføre et næsten ubegrænset udvalg af øvelser. Den medfølgende trænings-DVD med seks træningspas gør det nemmere for begyndere at komme i gang med sandsækketræning. Oplev en helt ny træningsoplevelse med Ultimate Sandbag!

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Ultimate Sandbag fitness equipment: innovative workouts for everyday life

The Ultimate Sandbag was designed to allow trainees to have a special fitness experience with high efficiency in the shortest time. That simulates and trains the natural movement pattern in people's everyday lives - effectiveness that has been scientifically proven in a study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Thanks to the innovative nature of an Ultimate Sandbag, a targeted instability occurs during the workout, which is compensated for by the stresses on several muscle groups in the body, which is not possible in that form with other fitness equipment. Functional training at its best – Ultimate Sandbags.

Train like the heroes of everyday life – with Ultimate Sandbags

In addition, the special design of an Ultimate Sandbag allows for almost endless workout variations that will not only motivate you in the long run but will also prepare you optimally for the daily motion requirements for your body and fitness. That is why many police officers and firefighters swear by Ultimate Sandbags to effectively face the physical challenges of their job. Typical ailments and pains, e.g., in the torso or back area, can be prevented with an Ultimate Sandbag, and flexibility, core strength, and endurance can be improved in a targeted way with just a few minutes of exercise daily.

Motivation and mission of Ultimate

Frustrated by the empty promises of countless fitness products to help people overcome everyday challenges to their bodies and health, fitness trainer Josh Henkin and physiotherapist Jessica Bento developed the first Ultimate Sandbag in 2005. Going beyond the actual boundaries of the fitness industry and its conventional concepts, Henkin and Bento set out to find a solution to people's everyday physical problems. Instead of studying previously known fitness exercises and methods, the two visionaries addressed the lives of people and their movement patterns themselves. How people move, how they live, and how they face the physical demands of their daily lives were now the central questions that Henkin and Bento dealt with. Numerous development phases and countless hours of work later, the solution was found: the Ultimate Sandbag.
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