Passion for martial arts
UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is currently the fastest growing sports organisation in the world and the flagship of ultimate fighting. The world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter today, UFC has not only revolutionised the combat sports industry with a series of renowned MMA sporting events but has also caused a furore in the production of boxing and martial arts items. Gloves, bags, and protective clothing by UFC for boxing, MMA, and Co. stand for extremely high quality and durability. No wonder, since absolute experts and world-class athletes in the industry are responsible for their development. At our Sport-Tiedje shop, we carry UFC items that meet the high demands of professionals and provide beginners with the optimal introduction to combat sports.
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UFC martial arts products: MMA, boxing, and Co. with quality and comfort

UFC puts a wide range of martial arts products forward for various disciplines. UFC's offer is as consistent in terms of quality and reliability as it is diverse and varied. A grappling bag or heavy bag from UFC, for example, convinces users with a durable polyurethane shell. UFC training & bag gloves are made of tough vinyl synthetic leather and are optimally designed for the needs of MMA fighters. With a UFC headguard and its perfect cushioning and padding, you will be fully prepared for your next workout. Whatever product you choose, UFC offers top performance at affordable prices.

UFC: becoming a global player with passion and competence

UFC's success story began in 1993 as a professional MMA organisation. Today, UFC has become a globally successful organisation that organises various disciplines and athletes of the martial arts world in competitions. Thus, professional athletes of UFC are masters of their profession in combat sports such as boxing, karate, kickboxing, wrestling, and many more. UFC is backed by US sports distributor Zuffa LLC, whose headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, the company maintains foreign offices in London, Singapore, and Toronto. UFC events are broadcast in more than 129 countries worldwide, reaching nearly 800 million households in 28 different languages.
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