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Kletterdschungel indoor climbing frames stand for sports, play, and fun for the whole family. The Kletterdschungel play equipment is the ideal solution for varied movement exercises even in the smallest space. The indoor playground equipment by Kletterdschungel can be found at numerous public facilities such as daycare centres and, thanks to simple assembly, is at the same time the easy and quick solution for private use. No wonder, as at Kletterdschungel, superior quality and maximum safety are given great emphasis. Gymnastics on the colourful Kletterdschungel sports equipment promotes the development of strength, a sense of balance, and dexterity along with children's imagination and creativity. At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you will find the Kletterdschungel gym set and the bridge with all kinds of accessories for unbridled climbing fun!
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Long-lasting playing fun with Kletterdschungel play equipment

Kletterdschungel play equipment grows with the age of the child: the rings and trapezes can be individually adjusted in height, and the climbing frames can be extended with age-appropriate accessories at any time. With the Kletterdschungel gym set, you buy durable play equipment for the whole family that has a huge selection of play and sports opportunities ready – the sporty alternative on long winter evenings or bad weather days.

Kletterdschungel play equipment: for the healthy development of children

Exercise promotes the healthy development of children: regular physical activity trains the muscles, tendons, and joints, strengthens the circulation and metabolism, and promotes coordination, a sense of balance, and responsiveness. Conversely, a lack of exercise can cause diseases such as obesity at an early age.

Based on that knowledge, Kletterdschungel develops play equipment that encourages children to play with movement and promotes a child's natural urge to move. Kletterdschungel attaches great importance to the variety of sports activities: on the Kletterdschungel play equipment, children can swing, climb, dangle, pull themselves up, and train their balance and coordination. The complementary accessories such as rope ladders, rings, and trapeze also invite children to invent their own exercises; it promotes children's creativity and imagination in a playful way.

Physical exercise also has a positive effect on mental development: those who are physically active on a regular basis benefit from better mental performance.

Kletterdschungel – not just for children...

All play elements are specifically adapted to the needs of children but at the same time, designed so that they can also be used by adults. While the children swing from trapeze to trapeze, the Kletterdschungel indoor equipment offers parents an excellent workout of all muscle groups, especially in the spine, pelvis, and abdominal areas.
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