Everything firmly under control with Harbinger
For over 25 years, Harbinger has been one of the top brands for weight training. The successful company has earned a reputation among strength athletes, other athletes, and fitness enthusiasts as an authentic, performance-oriented brand. In the product range of the successful company: accessories for strength training and weightlifting in excellent quality. Harbinger offers innovation, technology, quality, and value at every price point. With various patents on gloves and training accessories, Harbinger is constantly bringing new products to the fitness market.

Harbinger is the first choice for ambitious athletes who always have their training goal in mind. The training gloves are among the best available on the market. Strength athletes rely on Harbinger Fitness professional training gloves when working with heavy weights to protect their hands during training and keep the wrist in the correct position. Discover the variety of Harbinger training gloves at Sport-Tiedje's online shop and find the training gloves that meet your strength training requirements!
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Patented innovation from Harbinger

For maximum training comfort, Harbinger is continuously working on improving its fitness products. Those products include the patented WristWrap, which stabilises the wrist during training with adjustable pressure and protects against incorrect strain. Maximum training comfort and a superior fit are also guaranteed by the Harbinger Tech Gel™ Comfort Pady, gel pads on the palm, and the StretchBack™ Lycra®, a flexible and breathable stretch insert on the back of the hand. A natural grip posture is provided by the special cut, the short finger length of the Harbinger training gloves. On all gloves, the wrist closure can be individually adjusted for maximum fit.

About Harbinger Fitness

Harbinger was founded in 1988 by sports enthusiast David McCrane, who at that time was a professional in the skateboarding industry. He saw the need for gloves that stabilised and protected the wrists without restricting skaters in their sport – the patented WristWrap glove was born.

During his promotional tour for the training gloves, McCrane made the acquaintance of bodybuilder Lee Haney. Inspired by Haney, McCrane applied his WristWrap technology to weight training and developed a series of training gloves and equipment specifically for weightlifting. Within a very short time, Harbinger successfully positioned itself on the fitness market. The collaboration with Harbinger and Haney increased Harbinger's brand awareness among weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts – with success: today, Harbinger maintains over 70% market share in weight training gloves and accessories.
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