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Excellerator is an expert in manufacturing high-quality skipping ropes. The French manufacturer offers a well-rounded range of small fitness equipment for boxing workouts and functional training. Excellerator brand skipping ropes are of exceptional quality, extremely sturdy, and meet the highest demands for skipping rope training – optimal competition preparation guaranteed. Choose the Excellerator skipping rope at Sport-Tiedje's online shop that fits your workout goal.
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The special features of Excellerator skipping ropes

Excellerator skipping ropes have earned the reputation as the fastest skipping ropes in the world. Equipped with ergonomic grips for optimal handling, smooth-running ball bearings for more speed, and adjustable length, they are extremely comfortable. Extremely durable materials such as leather, wood, and PVC are used in the processing. But Excellerator skipping ropes can do even more: with the additional weights made of steel for the grips, you train the muscles of your wrists and arms at the same time. In terms of innovation, the elastic Excellerator Professional is right at the forefront: it combines a skipping rope and a tube in one workout device – for a varied workout with gymnastics and strengthening exercises.

Skipping with Excellerator

Skipping is a simple and effective cardio exercise with all sorts of fun that comes with a variety of benefits. The beauty of skipping: you can jump anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors, with sports friends or alone. After all, the skipping rope fits into any pocket and can be stowed quickly.

Skipping with Excellerator is for everyone, regardless of gender and age. The popular training method can be learned quite easily before it unfolds its positive effect. With the Excellerator skipping rope, you will improve your lung capacity and heart rate, increase endurance, and train your coordination. The lower body muscles will also be challenged, especially the abdomen, legs, and buttocks. At the same time, you will correct your posture. For inspiration, Excellerator regularly provides workout videos with skipping exercises for different levels of difficulty.
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